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Players online (24h)

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Vote4coin and you will get 15 dc daily

Moonlight active for 24h 22/09/2023 

110% dungeon dragon coins farm rate

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Moonlight event active 24h

Dungeon boss dragon coins drop 100% active.

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Ciao Guys,

Today i want to let you know that we fixed some bugs on server:

Client black screen when run multiple clients.

Reduced consumpation of CPU.

Pet exp.

Dungeon lag.

Character delete.

Wall block.

Character stack.

Please run autopatcher daily.

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The rate of farming dragon coins in dungeon has been increased, 

You can farm up to 500dc per day.

  • [Posted] By CaveOfMetin NeverD

110% dungeon rates

Moonlight event

Hide event at 20.00 UTC TIME

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